March Toward Star Wars

What are you doing this month?

FroVideo and friends are marching toward Star Wars.  We’re shooting a short film for Disney and Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016 in Lawrenceville, NJ and we are searching for extras to fill out a crowd scene.  Normally, I would be hesitant to do a fan film of a successful franchise, but this contest awards and encourages originality.  Many winners of previous years did the same teacher/apprentice Jedi story we’ve already seen in the movies.  I had writer’s block on a much different script.  Once I saw this contest, that script came together with the opportunities that arrive out of a setting and genre change.

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I think an original story set in that galaxy far, far away fits the bill.  We are not limited to Jedis training and fighting the Sith, nor are we limited to known characters.  Some of the best characters in any movie are regular people trying to fit into their world.  Even though the movies are fantasy, this is a galaxy that’s in the middle of a war, no matter how far removed from the fighting a certain planet may be.  I probably can’t write or cast to match an existing character in a multi-million dollar movie, but I can create a new one with an intriguing story for a 5 minute film.

Join us on Sunday April 3, 2016 to help us create a winning film.

Visit for project information.  Here’s some clothing guidelines:

You will be part of a desert-like mining town.  Please wear earth-tones.  Regular clothing is fine, though we encourage you to add embellishments to help you fit into the Star Wars universe.  No logos can be visible.  Please wear nondescript footwear that is appropriate to the location.

Cosplayers welcome!  Snap a picture of you in your costume and send it to the email below so our art department can approve it.

Email us to register and be a part of Star Wars

and send any questions to

We hope to see you there!  May the force be with you!



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